We are designers and producers of light hall and hangar systems with membrane covering. At the same time, we are the only authorised distributor in Poland of products by Norseman Structures Inc., Canada, the largest global producer of state-of-the-art buildings featuring steel structure covered with synthetic membranes. We are also a distributor of Buildair Engineering and Architecture from Spain, which offers the most advanced mobile inflatable hangars, as well as Signature Systems Group, an American company that excels in producing modern dismountable floors of high load-bearing capacity, dedicated to aviation and industry.

Our structures are a functional, very durable, and economic form of covering facilities for varied applications, from airport hangars, through sports and concert halls, to industrial plants – production halls, warehouses, agricultural and breeding facilities, military, port, and other structures. We offer a diversified scope of standard building profiles, with span from 3m to 100m.

The system of light steel lattice and framework structures covered with a membrane was launched on the market already 20 years ago, gaining popularity in the United States and Canada, followed by the West European countries.


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a professional contractor of hall systems in Poland and abroad
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