The system of light halls and hangars involves the application of modular articulated supported truss frames covered with a membrane made of modified polyethylene. Steel elements of frames are made with modular elements, which facilitates their transport in containers, integration at a construction site, and assembly on cast-in-place or prefabricated foundations.


Comprehensive applications: airport hangars, warehouses, farming and industrial facilities, port and airport buildings, sports halls
A broad range of standard sections, featuring span from 6m to 100m
Fast delivery and assembly of finished prefabricated elements, according to an order and the specification of a client
Large spans without any additional supports
Custom-made configurations, optional connections between buildings
Noise suppression
Daylight transparent coating, which minimizes the necessity to use electric lighting
Corrosion resistance
Low maintenance costs

We offer a wide range of profiles with a span of 100 meters

A system of trusses with pipe sections and multi-layer corrosion protection

Aircraft steel lines and cross bracing

Multi-layer coating made of high density polyethylene HDPE of extraordinary mechanical resistance


State-of-the-art inflatable hangars with no steel structural elements by a leading producer, Buildair. Hangars are kept erect exclusively with compressed air, supplied by a computer controlled system of dedicated pumps. In addition, monitoring of hangar technical parameters is available with a remote application installed on a smartphone or a tablet. Wherever you are, you can have an access to what is happening in your hangar.

Pneumatic hangars are an ideal solution especially in temporary and short-time applications, where it is important to assemble a hangar quickly and change its location easily.

We offer rental of pneumatic hangars on custom-made terms and conditions.


Assembly and disassembly in a flash
Location changed easily
Minimum building procedures
The option to erect a hanger without any foundation or ground work
High durability
Daylight transparent coating, which minimizes the necessity to use electric lighting
Maximum span of 54m
Rental and buy-out options on preferential conditions


We offer hangars erected in the technology of self-supporting steel arch structures. Owing to this technology, it is possible to encapsulate spaces from 9m to 42m wide, without any additional load-bearing or supporting structures.

Steel halls are superbly functional, light, and highly resistant. As a universal solution, they may be adapted to a specific site and custom-made. Steel halls are coated with alu zinc, with a sheet size depending on local atmospheric conditions and width.

We offer structures for varied applications, e.g. airport hangars, workshop halls, warehouses, and other.


Fast assembly
Low costs
Custom-made configuration
High durability


Portable floorings of high load-bearing capacity have been designed to serve heavy loads and vehicles, including aircraft and helicopters, to provide the highest level of stability and ground protection.

The system of portable floorings is an ideal alternative to typical concrete floors as well as to airport aprons. We offer floors with load-bearing capacity above 220 ton/m2, which have been tested in the most demanding applications, e.g. as floors in hangars or even as a temporary airport.


Very fast assembly
Easy disassembly and transport
Custom-made configuration
Very high durability and static load capacity over 220 tons per square meter.
Varied applications, from event tents to airport taxing ways


We offer modern double-leaf hydraulic-driven gates, which are the development of a bi-fold gate concept. The replacement of a belt drive with hydraulic servomotors provides a very safe product, with minimum application of moving and mechanical elements of gates and the simplification of operation. The simplicity of the solution contributes to the ease of operation and services, which means lower maintenance costs.
Our offer includes large double-leaf gates featuring the span from 10m to 30m and the smallest single-leaf gates with span from 4m to 9m.


Large selection of spans
Diversified applications
Easy integration of a gate with an existing building
Minimum operation.
Improved operational safety owing to the use of hydraulic drive


We offer a broad range of optional equipment, which enhances the functionality of a building, making it possible to fulfil the needs of most demanding users.

Available options:

Industrial oil heaters
Infrared radiator heating systems
Lighting systems
Smart hangar lighting and heating control systems
Air-conditioners and driers
Monitoring of weather conditions and synoptic boards
Alarm and CCTV systems

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